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Free stuff!

"Rocket Ship of Love" is a rerecording of a song I wrote years ago when I was in the band before I was in the band before I was in the band that I was last in, not counting the Deadly Dewdrops. I think we were Los Buckarubes. Or maybe the Radar Rangers.



I just had the nose flute part stuck in my head and wanted to draw something to go with it.




All hand-drawn animation in the old style. It's childish and mean but not nearly mean enough, really.


Feel free to share it. I'm not making any money off of it that I know of. Please credit me, though.



The Song of the Lonesome Polecat album is now available on various platforms, such as Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube music.

Just think, 10 songs from the catalogue of the Beer Barrel Polecats, beloved underachievers of the 1990s San Jose nightclub scene, updated for old-fogey tastes and recorded by the Deadly Dewdrops. We don't do autotune or 1/1 dance time, and beatless beats are beyond our ability to grasp.


We're freakin old, man. We didn't have beards back then. Beards hadn't been invented yet. That's how old we are. Sooner than you think, you will be old too. Haha, sucker.


Seriously, life goes by fast. Give these songs a listen and then go make your own music. If anyone tells you you're doing it wrong, tell them to piss off. Unless they want to teach you—in which case, listen up.


Available on


YouTube Music


Apple Music


Available on Spotify, too, but it wants me to sign up before giving me a link. Nope, not gonna do it.



An absolutely true story except for the parts I made up. But I am sorry for the awful things I've done.



Never bump off a snail's entire family. Don't do it!



My first foray into the world of animation cartoonery. Aspect ratio, what's that?