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Novels written or edited by Broos Campbell

The Matty Graves Novels

The Matty Graves novels chronicle the adventures of a young officer during the early years of the U.S. Navy. The first three books take place in the Caribbean during the Quasi War, the undeclared naval conflict with France that hotted up in 1798 and petered out in 1801. There were a couple of significant frigate duels, but most of the action involved snatching up each other's merchantmen and suppressing privateers.

Which isn't to say it was dull. When you send out a bunch of young men with guns and swords and tell them to have at it, there's bound to be blood for breakfast some days.

"Broos Campbell brings to his writing a feel for his period and an understanding of naval seamanship and traditions that are not often seen in maritime fiction. His characters are sharp, genuine and fascinating, his plotting fast-paced and authentic. Campbell has done the world of nautical literature a great service, bringing to life this little-known but crucial period in the life of the United States Navy, and doing it with style and authenticity."

— James L. Nelson,
author of George Washington's Secret Navy and the Revolution at Sea series

“Campbell is one of those all-too-rare historical novelists who understands that the real world turns less often on acts of wisdom and courage than it does on folly, incompetence and blind mischance. Refreshingly cynical.”
— Jonathon Lunn, author of the Killigrew series

“Mr. Campbell writes with a vivid immediacy and understated authority reminiscent of Kenneth Roberts, an American author I greatly admire. Campbell's evocation of life aboard a small man-of-war in the young United States Navy during the Quasi-War with France is superb, his characterization is both acute and realistic, his dialogue witty and shrewd. No Quarter is a delight to read and places its author head and shoulders above his American rivals. I look forward to the further adventures of Matty Graves and the enigmatic Mr. Wickett with eager anticipation.”
— Richard Woodman,
author of the Nathaniel Drinkwater series

Now in general release. The Matty Graves books can be bought for a discount online through Amazon and Wal-Mart, and can be ordered through most bookstores. The publisher, McBooks Press, will be glad to arrange for personalized copies. The series is also available in many libraries and through interlibrary loan.

Novels edited

Works edited include sea novels by V.E. Ulett, Rick Spilman, Linda Collison, and Sutton Stern, and various horror anthologies and novels.

Horror Anthologies

When it comes to horror, I primarily work with Dr. Q over at Scary Dairy Press. I've got some shorties in these guys as well. There are some novels that should be coming out soon.

Odds and Sods


I make mistakes. Yes I do. I'll even mention them here, if you point them out, and if you happen to be right.

Lubber's Glossary

Descriptions of sea terms; with also some terms relating to colonial San Domingo.


Key events of the Haitian Revolution.

Sailing distances around Haïti

Because of winds and currents, this won't give any real idea of how long it will take to get from here to there.

Officers' uniforms

Regulations concerning American naval officers' uniforms during the Quasi-War with France, issued by Secretary of War James McHenry in 1797.


Maps from the late 18th and early 19th centuries.