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Beyond the Graves

The age of fighting sail sale

The close-out sale at McBooks Press seems to be going well. McBooks is getting out of the book-selling business to concentrate on publishing their fine line of historicals, including (ahem) my own, and they're clearing out their warehouse. And a fine lot of books it is, too, including the Otto Prohaska novels by John Biggins, the Saxon Chronicles and the Richard Sharpe novels by Bernard Cornwell, and the Bernie Gunther novels by Philip Kerr.

McBooks is best known for its nautical series, primarily ones set during Napoleonic times. Authors include Alexander Kent (Bolitho), Dudley Pope (Ramage), and Julian Stockwin (Kidd).

Some of the Matty Graves books are still available, including the paperback of No Quarter and the hardcover of Peter Wicked. It looked for a while like The War of Knives was sold out, but someone seems to have found another box or two. Meanwhile, I was touched to see Peter Wicked standing alongside Michael Shaara's The Killer Angels and Nicholas Monsarrat's The Cruel Sea on the fiction bestsellers page, and Matty rubbing shoulders with Ramage, Bolitho, and Sharpe over on the most popular series page.
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