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Beyond the Graves

Thar He Blows Against the Empire

Since my books are available in electronic versions from Amazon, I assume that means those are Kindle versions. I've never even seen a Kindle in the flesh (so to speak), but I've been kind of jonesing for one. Especially when I think about moving again. And I admit I'm curious what my books look like on a Kindle.

Also I've heard from sailors who love being able to take a whole library to sea with them. And here I'd been hoping to donate a few of my surplus bound copies to our men and women far away at sea.

I still think Amazon is an evil empire, but even evil empires offer advantages. Like hefty discounts and free shipping, yay.

And since it turns out that my royalties on ebooks are crap anyway (and we can get into the reasons for that at another time), I say keep popping 'em out at a discount. As long as I'm not making any money anyway, I'd at least like to keep those puppies moving out the door.
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