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Beyond the Graves


Speaking of maps—which I was a couple of days ago, down below there a bit—here's the map page at Michael Jasper's website. I don't know Jasper, except that he's big on maps, but I think my own love of maps lets me claim a certain kinship. And maybe his maps aren't as elegant as the ones in, say, The Hobbit—"Feel free to scoff at my (lack of) cartographic skills," he says—but he's enthusiastic. And that counts for a lot.

Jasper is a busy boy. He's got about 18 titles out, according to his Amazon page. Most of them are shorts for the Kindle market, selling for under a dollar, but he writes "real" books as well. Those include a supernatural romance, Heart's Revenge, issued under the name of Julia C. Porter, and A Sudden Outbreak of Magic, a young-adult fantasy set in Dubuque, Iowa.

Hee hee.

But the beauty part is Goddamn Redneck Surfer Zombies. That is the bitchenest title ever.

I hope it has maps.

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