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Beyond the Graves

Dots on the map

I love that map thinger dinger down there on the lower left of this site's home page. It shows where visitors are when they click on this site. I'm not keeping tabs on individuals, mind, and wouldn't even if I knew how.  Read More 
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Speaking of maps—which I was a couple of days ago, down below there a bit—here's the map page at Michael Jasper's website. I don't know Jasper, except that he's big on maps, but I think my own love of maps lets me claim a certain kinship. And maybe his maps aren't as elegant as the ones in, say,  Read More 
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If a book has a map, I'll at least try to read it

If a book has a map, I'll at least try to read it. Even if you don't intend to include a map with the finished book, I blah-bla-blahed recently on a writing forum, sketching one out is a handy way of keeping track of what lives where in your made-up world. Another benefit?  Read More 
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