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Beyond the Graves

Dots on the map

I love that map thinger dinger down there on the lower left of this site's home page. It shows where visitors are when they click on this site. I'm not keeping tabs on individuals, mind, and wouldn't even if I knew how. I just like collecting dots from around the world.

I'm pretty sure I know who some of them are. That dot down in Argentina? Mikey, who's been down in South America for years now. Mexico City? Rebecca. Ireland? My mate Rick, visiting his ma in Belfast. And the clusters of dots on the West Coast could be any number of friends, relatives and acquaintances, as that's the part of the planet where I hang my hat. And I always get a kick out of the dots in New Zealand and Australia that return every time the cleaner bots sweep them off the map.

No idea who the others represent. Mostly people who visited on purpose, I hope. But Saudi Arabia? Iran? Siberia? Pakistan way up by Afghanistan might actually be someone I know, but haven't seen since we were kids. Every now and then a dot pops in Africa or Japan, but not today.

So anyway, I'd love to know where folks are dropping in from. Let me know, will you?
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