Selected Works

The Matty Graves novels
Midshipman Matty Graves must choose between family and duty.

“Refreshingly cynical.”
—Jonathan Lunn

Acting-Lieutenant Matty Graves gets caught up in the Haitian Revolution in 1800. Mayhem ensues!

"[N]ever dull . . ."
—Madison Smartt Bell

Matty seizes the opportunity to make a name and fortune for himself—even if it means destroying those closest to him.

"[U]nusual, if somewhat jaundiced . . ."
Library Journal

Errors after the fact
Seamen's terms in landsmen's language
Haitian Timeline
Nautical info bits
How far it is from here to there, by sea, in English statute miles.
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The Matty Graves Novels

American sea adventures in the age of fighting sail.

U.S.S. United States, engraving after a drawing by Master William Brady, USN. From the U.S. Naval Historical Center.

The Matty Graves novels chronicle the adventures of a young officer during the early years of the U.S. Navy. The first three books take place in the Caribbean during the Quasi War, the undeclared naval conflict with France that hotted up in 1798 and petered out in 1801. There were a couple of significant frigate duels, but most of the action involved snatching up each other's merchantmen and suppressing privateers.

Which isn't to say it was dull. When you send out a bunch of young men with guns and swords and tell them to have at it, there's bound to be blood for breakfast some days.