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Selected Works

The Matty Graves novels
Midshipman Matty Graves must choose between family and duty.

“Refreshingly cynical.”
—Jonathan Lunn

Acting-Lieutenant Matty Graves gets caught up in the Haitian Revolution in 1800. Mayhem ensues!

"[N]ever dull . . ."
—Madison Smartt Bell

Matty seizes the opportunity to make a name and fortune for himself—even if it means destroying those closest to him.

"[U]nusual, if somewhat jaundiced . . ."
Library Journal

Errors after the fact
Seamen's terms in landsmen's language
Haitian Timeline
Nautical info bits
How far it is from here to there, by sea, in English statute miles.
Public domain stuff—I didn't write this.
Yep, still maps

Sailing distances
around Haïti

By sea, in miles.

Miragoane to Jacmel, 229
Pto. Plata to Gonaïves, 225
Gonaïves to St.-Marc, 28
St.-Marc to Petit Goaves, 53
Petit Goaves to Miragoâne, 16
Pt. Plata to Monte Christi, 65
Monte Christi to P. de Paix, 67
P. de Paix to Gonaïves, 102
Le Cap François to Port-au-Prince, 185
Le Cap François to Pto. Plata, 91
Port-au-Prince to St. Marc, 52
Port-au-Prince to Aux Cayes, 205
Port-au-Prince to Jacmel, 267
Port-au-Prince to Petit Goave, 34
Petit Goave to Aux Cayes, 176