Selected Works

The Matty Graves novels
Midshipman Matty Graves must choose between family and duty.

“Refreshingly cynical.”
—Jonathan Lunn

Acting-Lieutenant Matty Graves gets caught up in the Haitian Revolution in 1800. Mayhem ensues!

"[N]ever dull . . ."
—Madison Smartt Bell

Matty seizes the opportunity to make a name and fortune for himself—even if it means destroying those closest to him.

"[U]nusual, if somewhat jaundiced . . ."
Library Journal

Errors after the fact
Seamen's terms in landsmen's language
Haitian Timeline
Nautical info bits
How far it is from here to there, by sea, in English statute miles.
Public domain stuff—I didn't write this.
Yep, still maps

Salty Bollix

I don't know how these here errors got in. I swear I was sitting on my front porch, minding my own bidness, reading the Bible, when some guy come along and messed everything up.

No Quarter

It has come to my attention that the entire first run of No Quarter was printed upside down (see above). One copy at least was mistakenly titled No Quakers as well (ditto).

The War of Knives

There are two chapter thirteens. Or two chapters thirteen, whatever. The one that begins on page 178 should be chapter fourteen, and so on. I blame it on sunspots.

Quartermaster's Mate David Brodie seems to have been promoted to quartermaster between page 18, when we first meet him, and page 277, when Matty sees him at the helm of the Rattle-Snake during the fight with the Faucon. I had been killed until I was dead at the time. Sorry.

Peter Wicked

Retired Navy officer, historian, and apparently first-time reader "Timonier" writes to inform me that I've screwed up in numerous places, which was my big clue that he is a first-time reader. Otherwise he would have been better prepared.

Turns out that the U.S. Navy didn't issue three-pounder long guns as standard equipment, though he supposes maybe someone used some swivels of that caliber. Also he thinks the Tomahawk's accommodations are "positively luxurious," among other outrages.

I would point out that she is a converted merchantman, not a man-of-war, but it would be churlish to argue with a guy who counts Christopher McKee and John Harland as cronies and knows more than I do anyway. I should have made it clearer that Tomahawk and its equipment were cobbled together with whatever was on hand and not wanted elsewhere.

Besides which, he's "still in Chapter Nine," which I take to mean he hasn't finished with me yet.

Important update: Oh yes he is too done with me! Nuts.