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4 of 5 stars

So moving and insightful that I had to remind myself it wasn't autobiographical. The clinical bits get so personal, though, that reading the book aloud can get kind of disconcerting.

A Sailor of Austria: In Which, Without Really Intending to, Otto Prohaska Becomes Official War Hero No. 27 of the Habsburg Empire

4 of 5 stars

A beautifully written, quietly humorous tale of an Austro-Hungarian U-boat commander during World War I. I was sorry to finish it. But then I remembered I've got three more of them to read.

Red Seas Under Red Skies

4 of 5 stars

Starts out with a bang--which leads to another bang, which leads to another ... Lightweight, but funny and inventive.


Selected Works

The Matty Graves novels
Midshipman Matty Graves must choose between family and duty.

“Refreshingly cynical.”
—Jonathan Lunn

Acting-Lieutenant Matty Graves gets caught up in the Haitian Revolution in 1800. Mayhem ensues!

"[N]ever dull . . ."
—Madison Smartt Bell

Matty seizes the opportunity to make a name and fortune for himself—even if it means destroying those closest to him.

"[U]nusual, if somewhat jaundiced . . ."
Library Journal

Errors after the fact
Seamen's terms in landsmen's language
Haitian Timeline
Nautical info bits
How far it is from here to there, by sea, in English statute miles.
Public domain stuff—I didn't write this.
Yep, still maps

Beyond the Graves

My Writing Method blog hop

May 28, 2014

Tags: matty graves, crazy adorable, wip, blog hop

Big thanks and some very late and pretty cold by now Memorial Day 'cue to Lisa Jensen for tagging me in the My Writing Process blog hopper thingamabopper. She is the author of Alias Hook, a wild and beautiful retake on the world (more…)

The "The Next Big Thing" Thing

November 28, 2012

Tags: next big thing, lisa jensen, alias hook, crazy adorable, four little kids and how they die

I’ve been watching the “The Next Big Thing” thing making the rounds of authors’ websites as one writer after another gets tagged.

I’ve been tagged at last, yay. Lisa Jensen, who tagged me, recently sold her reimagined Captain Hook novel, Alias Hook, to Snowbooks in the U.K. It’s due out in May 2013. I had the pleasure of reading it in manuscript, and (more…)

WeHo Book Fair

October 1, 2011

Tags: WeHo, book fairs, events

I'll be at the West Hollywood Book Fair on Sun., Oct. 2, 1-2 p.m. and 3-5 p.m. Come on by and say hi. In fact, tell me you saw this post and I'll give you a free book, stocks permitting. Can't ask fairer than that.
Unless it's free parking, free admission and free shuttle service.

Dots on the map

January 10, 2011

Tags: maps, readers, west coast, ireland, pakistan, mexico, south america, argentina, new zealand, australia, siberia, saudi arabia, afghanistan

I love that map thinger dinger down there on the lower left of this site's home page. It shows where visitors are when they click on this site. I'm not keeping tabs on individuals, mind, and wouldn't even if I knew how. (more…)

Sometimes simple is best

October 15, 2010

Tags: web design, Julia Keller, Huntington, West Virginia

I've been teaching myself web design lately. This website that you're reading Right! This! Very! Second! is built on a template provided by the Authors Guild. It's serviceable, it works well for an author's site, and, um... well, it isn't quite what I need to (more…)

Thar He Blows Against the Empire

September 28, 2010

Tags: Amazon, ebooks, Kindle, crap royalty rate

Since my books are available in electronic versions from Amazon, I assume that means those are Kindle versions. I've never even seen a Kindle in the flesh (so to speak), but I've been kind of jonesing for one. Especially when I think about (more…)

When the @#$% is the fourth Matty Graves book coming out?

September 11, 2010

Tags: editor, hates, me

Sometime between now and never. I wrote a first draft of it, in which Matty goes off to North Africa, meets an old friend, has a fight, goes home, sees a play about himself that's interrupted by a tomato fight, goes back to Tripoli in time to get captured in the Philadelphia (or maybe (more…)

Update on Authors Guild v. Google

February 5, 2010

Tags: authors guild, google

A minor update from the Authors Guild's lawsuit against Google. It seems to have settled into a holding action rather than an assault on Google's formidable defenses, but it has some interesting and hopeful things to say.

Amazon vs. Macmillian = Goliath meets Goliath

February 1, 2010

Tags: Amazon, Kindle, ebooks, MacMillan

Is it a good thing that Amazon backed down in its pricing war with Macmillian this weekend? I think—or feel is probably more accurate—that it costs less to produce an ebook than a print book. (more…)

Books half off while they last

January 15, 2010

Tags: McBooks, Bernie Gunther, Philip Kerr, Otto Prohaska, John Biggins, Saxon Chronicles, Richard Sharpe, Bernard Cornwell, No Quarter, The War of Knives, Peter Wicked

Prices at the big tag sale at McBooks Press are down to half off, so get on over before the sale ends on January 19. McBooks is getting out of the book-selling business to concentrate on publishing their fine line of historicals, including (more…)